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Bonehead's Texas BBQ Catering

Welcome to the home of Bonehead’s Texas BBQ.  All of our products are prepared fresh daily… well most of them.  The cole slaw, tater salad and other salads are.  But our meats take days to prepare even before they’re cooked.  You see, we use rubs on our meats that we allow to soak in for up to 72 hours before they’re placed in the smoker.  That’s what makes Bonehead’s different – we’re slow – low and slow smokin’.  We use wood fired smokers only - no natural gas or charcoal.  We believe natural gas and charcoal leave a flavor that isn’t compatible to tasty food.

Now, we know you’ve heard a Mexican restaurant chain advertise “no cans” right?  So what’s the big deal!  We don’t use cans either – no canned beans, no canned sauces, no canned rubs, no canned fruit, no canned dribble for you to read.  We’re all original.  Have been for 30 plus years.  Want to learn more about Bonehead's?  Read the whole story about us and how we got started making people happy.

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Are you a Bona Fide Bonehead?  No?  Wanna be one?    Here's what you gotta do.  Now, this is the big requirement - you gotta taste our stuff.  Seriously, if you haven't tasted it, how you gonna git Bona Fide?  You gotta sign up to be a Bona Fide Bonehead.  You gotta qualify, but I would bet dollars to doughnuts you'll pass the rigorous examination by our crack staff.  Chances are, you've already done the work, if you know what I mean.  Now you just gotta git Bona Fide.  Once you have submited the info, we'll send you free stuff!  Click here to Git Bona Fide now! 

Bonehead's Texas BBQ provides catering services to all sizes and venues of special events - Board Meetings, Holiday Celebrations, Graduations, Corporate Events, Private Parties, Picnics, BBQ's, Retirement and Promotion Parties, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Wakes, etc.  We love to do fund raisers for schools and special causes.  The Gobbler & Cobbler is a great fund raising event for anytime of year.  Never had any Bonehead's food?  If you are considering Bonehead's for an event of 100 or more, we will deliver samples of our food for you to taste.  It's only fair - you get to test drive a car before you buy it don'tcha?  For 100 or less, we will still let you taste it, but it has to be on our timing more or less.

Portable Smokers  We have two smokers that are portable - Big Red and Blackie.  

Big Red holds 500lbs of meat and is a tremendous addition to any event.  Big Red is our small smoker!  Lotsa folks have said it looks a lot like a train.  I don't see it, but our BBQ has placed a number of folks in euphoria. Who knows what they see!?!
Now old Blackie is the Rolls Royce of the industry as far as smokers go.  It's BIG! 1,000lbs. of meat big!  If you want volume, this is the unit to do it.
Using these two smokers, we have fed 3,500 people at one time.
Let's create a menu just for your party. You're gonna like this stuff and make your guests think you're the best. Let us smoke for your special occasion. Give us a call and let's chew the fat.

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Want a Reference?  Do you prefer a good or bad reference? Just kiddin'. We only provide our good ones. Come to think of it, thank the good Lord, we only have good ones! But we'll giv'em to ya just for askin'. Hey, do this!  Go to Yelp! and read the reviews.  

Bonehead's Texas BBQ Catering